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The debut EP goes live on Spotify on February 26th, 2019! Please click on the “FOLLOW” Button!

Stubblefield & Hansen digital EP coming this February!



The EP will be available on all digital platforms worldwide. More details coming soon!

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Guitare Mystique wins UK award for Best Acoustic Guitar Album!


Remember you can always listen to Jim’s music on Pandora, Apple Music, Deezer and Spotify!


Guitare Mystique nominated for “Best World Album” by ZMR


A big “thank you” to the International - New Age - World - Ambient - Acoustic radio broadcasters for nominating "Guitare Mystique" for the Zone Music Reporter “Best World Album” of the Year. Congratulations to my fellow nominees and thanks to Bo Astrup, Ben Woods, Dan Sistos, Stephen Duros, Eric Hansen, Ramon Yslas, Bryan Brock, Larry Tuttle, Novi Novog, Moksha Sommer, Jemal Wade Hines, Jean-Pierre Durand, Liza Carbe, Timothy Curle and Randy Tico. A special thanks to Randall Davis and Ruthe F. for the great campaign! An extra special thanks to Stella Roqueblave and Cha Cha. #guitaremystique #zmrawards


Guitare Mystique Airplay


I’m thrilled to have had my music featured on the syndicated Echoes Radio show. I remember listening to Echoes in the early 90s and thought it was a great program! So far multiple selections from Guitare Mystique have been featured the last 6 months.

Spanish Guitar Spotify Playlist is growing


"Guitare Mystique" hits #2 on July 2017 ZMR Chart!


A huge thanks to all the radio programmers for playing "Guitare Mystique" on their shows! Thank you Randall Davis and Ruthe Forbriger for your hard work. And thank you to everyone involved in this project - Bo Astrup, Ramon Yslas, Randy Tico, Dan Sistos, Moksha Sommer, Jemal Wade Hines, Bryan Brock, Eric Hansen, Stephen Duros, Larry Tuttle Novi Novog, Dale Becker and Ben Woods!







Interview and Review from


"In 2015, guitarist / composer Jim Stubblefield released his album Encantado and in 2017 he returns with Guitare MystiquePurposely spelled in a mystical way, the ten track album takes on a wide range of musical styles, including a kind of ancient-sounding approach to the magical guitar. Guitare Mystique picks up on the approach of Encantado as well as Jim’s work with the band Incendio, yet there’s more new ground broken here. Using the Contemporary Instrumental sound as a jumping off point, there’s a range of inspired-sounding guitar genres explored, including a slightly gothic or even medieval sort of sound. For example, the addition of strings on track seven “Moonlight Requiem” gives the track a sort of modern neoclassical sound, kind of Electric Light Orchestra sans vocals, if you can imagine. Track nine, “Rumba Furiosa, Opus 2” features Jim supported by the daredevil electric guitar work of guitar ace Dan Sistos. Jim has chosen a remarkable bunch of musicians to help execute his sound on Guitare Mystique, including co-producer and album mixer Bo Astrup, guitarists Stephen Duros, Dan Sistos (mentioned above) and Eric Hansen, bass ace Randy Tico, drummers Ramon Yslas and Bryan Brock as well as Moksha Sommer (vocals) and Novi Novog (strings). The CD sound is first rate and the album artwork is colorful and quite imaginative, all adding to the sense of fun and excitement. Guitare Mystique takes the entire 21st century Contemporary / World Fusion instrumental guitar sound to new heights. Start to finish, Guitare Mystique is clearly the most well-rounded album yet from the imaginative, guitar-centric mind of Jim Stubblefield."

Read the interview here:

Guitare Mystique and Artist Playlists


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GUITARE MYSTIQUE available for iTunes Pre-Order!


Spanish Guitar meets Electric Guitar!


The first Single from Guitare Mystique!


Guitare Mystique - available for Pre-Order on Amazon!


Jim's new album GUITARE MYSTIQUE will be released on June 7, 2017 but you can Pre-Order it now on

Sheet Music now Available


I am selling a selection of transcriptions from my various albums on Sellfy. The transcriptions were done by the incredible Eric Hansen and include fingerlngs, standard notation and tablature.


New Spotify Playlist to Follow!


"World Guitar Maestros Show" Thursday, December 15,2016


Check out "Mellow Spanish Guitar" Playlist on Spotify!


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All of Jim's solo albums are now on Spotify. Click the "FOLLOW" link to keep up to date with NEWS and even create your own custom PLAYLISTS.

Featured on the album "Glistening" by Eric Hansen


Jim is a special guest on the new album "Glistening" by guitarist Eric Hansen. The piece "Silverlight" features Eric (left channel) and Jim (right channel). 

"Puesta del Sol" song featured in Acoustic Magazine CD


"Puesta del Sol" from the CD "Encantado" is featured on a CD that comes with the March 2016 issue of Acoustic Magazine! Also, check out the sheet music tab on this site for a free download of the note-for-note transcription of the piece. 

ENCANTADO reviewed in February issue of ACOUSTIC Magazine!


"...Jim pulls off burning runs on his nylon strung guitar, though his sense of taste always overrides his mind-boggling technique."

- ACOUSTIC MAGAZINE, February 2016

Encantado is Nominated for Best World Album by Zone Music Reporter.


More info can be found here.

Sound Profile Magazine Interview


 Jim was interviewed  for the January 2016 issue of the Austin-based Sound Profile Magazine. 


Encantado debut's at #2 on One World Radio UK chart & #3 on ZMR aggregate chart!




One World Music Shows


One World Music UK did a wonderful retrospective of my music. For those interested, they did several broadcasts that feature a lot of early recordings - some that go as far back as 1997! These shows are all archived at this link.

ENCANTADO featured in its entirety on One World Music Radio UK


Listen to the show here.

Listeners around the world...ENCANTADO is now on Spotify.




I just found out that my latest album, ENCANTADO, is in the first round of the 2016 GRAMMY AWARDS balloting. NARAS members please check it out and consider it! Also, new guitar NOTATION/TABS (transcribed by Eric Hansen) are here.

ENCANTADO is now a best seller on Amazon.



ENCANTADO is now available for sale on iTunes!




The new album will be released on August 25th!  Check out the 5 minute album trailer to hear song excerpts!

New CD ENCANTADO to be released on Amazon August 25th


The Grace FELIX Peamplifier and Jim!


Jim is a very satisfied endorser of the wonderful FELIX preamp that has recently been released by Grace Design.

"The Grace FELiX is simply the best acoustic preamplifier for a touring musician. I've used everything and nothing else comes close. It is beautiful to behold, built like a tank and sounds like heaven. It is like having a toolkit of infinite possibilities for routing, balancing, boosting and EQing an acoustic instrument."

- Jim Stubblefield

Find out more here.


New Music Video on YouTube.


Incendio's 8th CD set for late June 2013 release!


With the release of THE SHAPE OF DREAMS, the members of Incendio return to their eclectic roots. The fiery guitar work that Incendio is known for is joined with a myriad of world rhythms, exciting improvisations and creative song structures. THE SHAPE OF DREAMS is the band's most progressive work to date. From the belly-dance fusion of Mitra's Dance to the shifting time signatures in Of Sword and Shadow to the acoustic and electric guitar duel in Song of Tiamat, this new recording showcases the ever evolving sound of Incendio. Incendio's music is at once bold, cinematic and sensitive. This collection of contemporary and exotic world music paints many pictures for the listener that wants to escape and dream...

CD Cover

Listen to Jim's Interview on LA Talk Radio

SHOW SUMMARY: Tonight we talk to extraordinary guitarist Jim Stubblefield, of Incendio, about his sound, his technique, and his expanding of musical colors by incorporating electric guitar into his solo efforts and the upcoming Incendio album. We also play clips from his solo album "Inspiracion" and his just released single "Reaching for Infinity," which features an electric guitar solo!

Listen to Jim on LA Talk Radio on Monday, May 6th!


Listen Live at 8:00PM (PST) at

More Details can be found at The Flo Guitar Enthusiasts webpage!

New "Inspiracion" Radio Airplay


Thanks to the following radio stations and shows for playing cuts off of Inspiracion:

Inspiracion on Audiosyncracy

El Payaso, Machu Picchu and El Pistolero on Night Traveler (KRCB)

TortugaMachu Picchu, Armadillo and Solace on Wings with Angel and Brian

Terra Bella on Radio Despi

Incendio featured on "Guitar Greats, Volume III"


Jim's other project, Incendio, is featured on the Baja Records compilation, Guitar Greats, Volume III!

Artists included on this compilation are Jesse Cook, Behzad, Govi, Johannes Linstead, Armik, NovaMenco, Young & Rollins, Oscar Lopez, Nocy, Pavlo, Luis Villegas, Lawson Rollins, Incendio and David Correa & Cascada.

Jim Stubblefield "Mobile App" Now available for Android!


Check out the Mobile App by Jim Stubblefield. This free Mobile App lets you listen to music, check out photos and videos, read blog posts and get exclusive push notifications straight to your mobile device.

New Single - "Reaching for Infinity"


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