Guitare Mystique nominated for “Best World Album” by ZMR 

A big “thank you” to the International - New Age - World - Ambient - Acoustic radio broadcasters for nominating "Guitare Mystique" for the Zone Music Reporter “Best World Album” of the Year. Congratulations to my fellow nominees and thanks to Bo Astrup, Ben Woods, Dan Sistos, Stephen Duros, Eric Hansen, Ramon Yslas, Bryan Brock, Larry Tuttle, Novi Novog, Moksha Sommer, Jemal Wade Hines, Jean-Pierre Durand, Liza Carbe, Timothy Curle and Randy Tico. A special thanks to Randall Davis and Ruthe F. for the great campaign! An extra special thanks to Stella Roqueblave and Cha Cha. #guitaremystique #zmrawards


Guitare Mystique Airplay 

I’m thrilled to have had my music featured on the syndicated Echoes Radio show. I remember listening to Echoes in the early 90s and thought it was a great program! So far multiple selections from Guitare Mystique have been featured the last 6 months.

"Guitare Mystique" hits #2 on July 2017 ZMR Chart! 

A huge thanks to all the radio programmers for playing "Guitare Mystique" on their shows! Thank you Randall Davis and Ruthe Forbriger for your hard work. And thank you to everyone involved in this project - Bo Astrup, Ramon Yslas, Randy Tico, Dan Sistos, Moksha Sommer, Jemal Wade Hines, Bryan Brock, Eric Hansen, Stephen Duros, Larry Tuttle Novi Novog, Dale Becker and Ben Woods!







Interview and Review from 

"In 2015, guitarist / composer Jim Stubblefield released his album Encantado and in 2017 he returns with Guitare MystiquePurposely spelled in a mystical way, the ten track album takes on a wide range of musical styles, including a kind of ancient-sounding approach to the magical guitar. Guitare Mystique picks up on the approach of Encantado as well as Jim’s work with the band Incendio, yet there’s more new ground broken here. Using the Contemporary Instrumental sound as a jumping off point, there’s a range of inspired-sounding guitar genres explored, including a slightly gothic or even medieval sort of sound. For example, the addition of strings on track seven “Moonlight Requiem” gives the track a sort of modern neoclassical sound, kind of Electric Light Orchestra sans vocals, if you can imagine. Track nine, “Rumba Furiosa, Opus 2” features Jim supported by the daredevil electric guitar work of guitar ace Dan Sistos. Jim has chosen a remarkable bunch of musicians to help execute his sound on Guitare Mystique, including co-producer and album mixer Bo Astrup, guitarists Stephen Duros, Dan Sistos (mentioned above) and Eric Hansen, bass ace Randy Tico, drummers Ramon Yslas and Bryan Brock as well as Moksha Sommer (vocals) and Novi Novog (strings). The CD sound is first rate and the album artwork is colorful and quite imaginative, all adding to the sense of fun and excitement. Guitare Mystique takes the entire 21st century Contemporary / World Fusion instrumental guitar sound to new heights. Start to finish, Guitare Mystique is clearly the most well-rounded album yet from the imaginative, guitar-centric mind of Jim Stubblefield."

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